Wednesday, May 20, 2009

are you living on purpose? Part 1

This month at unbound we have been on the subject of goals and purpose. We believe that the decisions you make today are what determines your future. The decisions you make now will effect who you are in ten, fifteen, and thirty years from now. It's really time for our generation of younger adults to learn to develop a different mindset of how we live our lives. Thinking about who you are going to be in 15 years from now without any plan of attack is a dangerous game. Am I saying that dreaming about being something later in life is a bad idea? Not at all. However, when you have vision, or a mental picture of your destiny, it is detrimental to your life if you don't make a clear plan to walk in that vision. 

1.) To be successful, you must have a clear plan. 
Now it's easy enough to say, "I have a plan for my destiny." But is it a clear plan? Is it a plan that is achievable and one that you can actually accomplish day to day? Anybody can get a sense of security saying they have a good plan for their future with a few ideas they came up with in their head. But you see, without a clear plan for your life it is easy to become distracted and stray off the path towards your goal. Without a clear, decisive plan ready for you to attack, everyday situations, like your job, paying your bills, relationships with friends and/or family, things that have nothing to do with your vision, can distract you. But with a clear, decisive plan, you can easily keep your sights on the prize. Don't misunderstand me. Things do and will come up. Bills; you have to pay. Friends and family; you have to live with. But the difference is these things do not become distractions from achieving your goal when you have a clear plan. 

2.) When you don't have a clear plan, God doesn't have anything specific to direct you in.
Without something specific you want to achieve, God can't direct you in a specific area. Just like Jesus directed the leper in Luke 5:14 to " himself to the priest...". That man had to have specific plan in mind in order to get direction for his vision. (His vision being cleansed from leprosy). He made his vision clear to Jesus that, V.12"...You can make me clean." He had a clear plan and got specific direction from Jesus with that plan in action.

3.) Proverbs 16:1 (new living translation) "We can make our own plans, but the Lord gives the right answer."  God leaves the planning up to the heart of the person (we make the plans), but He will provide the explanation as to how the vision will be accomplished. 

The next blog will consist of how our plans sync with God's plan and why God makes our plans work. Dream big and remember to put everything on paper and together we will shape our future by organizing our path to get there!

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